List of things to buy when I get rich

  1. Uninterruptible power supply – Just had a power cycle, router got reset. Now will have to remake some tunnels.
  2. Micro$oft -and turn it into non-Evil Company
  3. Magicians – To make #2 possible
  4. – and redirect all the links to my sites.
  5. Politicians – Pass a bill to make using any non Open Source software illegal.
  6. OpenMoko Neo Freerunner – Linux based phone. Not released yet
  7. A Time Machine – To go back in time with loads of money to make me rich earlier.
  8. – and put a backlink to my sites from all pages without the nofollow thingy.
  9. – and fix the stats so this site ranks #1
  10. -… – oops. I forgot The Almighty Google owns it. even when rich Ill always be lower than the Supreme.

To be continued…