Facebook founder is the worlds youngest billionaire

March 6th, 2008 | by Sajal Kayan |

facebook logoLike many other people his age, Mark Zuckerberg the founder of social networking site Facebook spends most of his day in front of a computer screen. But he is no ordinary 23-year-old he’s officially the world’s youngest US billionaire.

Worth 1.5 billion dollars, the young man has made a debut in this years Forbes magazine’s list of the World’s Billionaires where he has secured the 785th rank.

facebook founderAccording to the Forbes, Zuckerberg is the youngest self-made man ever to make its list, reports People.

First- and third-ranked Investor Warren Buffett and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who have held the top spot for the previous 13 years running, have fortunes valued at 62 billion dollars and 58 billion dollars, respectively.

The number two position in Forbes magazine’s list of the World’s Billionaires has been taken by Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helu, who has a fortune worth 60 billion dollars.

This year’s World’s Richest Woman, with 22.9 billion dollars and a 17 ranking on the list, is France’s Liliane Bettencourt. Her father was the founder of L’Oreal.

Now I want to be like Mark Zuckerberg!

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  • Yee Han

    I want to be like Zuckerberg too. I find that Zuckerberg has the insight and knowledge normally associated with Silicon Valley veterans with a sharp understanding of many concepts which have enabled the tech industry to thrive: listening to the people around you, fostering creativity and the importance of hiring the right people. Furthermore his track record so far shows that he acts out on those concepts, like with his recent hiring of Google exec Sheryl Sandberg. Zuckerberg spoke at Stanford in 2005 at the tender age of 21 (http://edcorner.stanford.edu/authorMaterialInfo.html?mid=1501&author=201). He has now shown more maturity than being a toddler CEO. I feel that he has since then been successful by staying consistent to these philosophies and principles. It will be fascinating to observe what happens next for him and Facebook!

  • jan

    he definately did stuff that is very innovative, like opening his network to developer.

  • Daniel

    That F**ker!!!

  • http://www.startgo.com Suz

    I’m jealous. Perhaps I can be the world’s youngest female billionaire? Hrmm… now to take over the world.

  • http://www.etavitom.com etavitom

    Pretty Incredible!

  • http://www.blingcart.com Shopping Cart Software

    OMG LOL, Mark is so lucky!! If you see this message hook me up Mark LOL. I bet you can get any girl you want haha.

  • None

    YOU SUCK!!!

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    [...] Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft who have held the top spot for the previous 13 years in the Forbes magazine’s list of the World’s Billionaires slipped to third place this year. Investor Warren Buffet and Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim Helu has taken the first and second places respectively. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is listed as the youngest billionaire. The 1,125 individuals made it into Forbes’ 2008 list of billionaires worth $4.4 trillion in total . [...]

  • hydo

    I am pretty sure he doesn’t have a billion dollars and his company isn’t worth a billion dollars…. so he is a billionaire how?

  • http://www.sleekpage.com/?sleeksearch=facebook The next facebook!

    Haha.. guess who is going to overtake Mark as the youngest billionaire? ME!! In my dreams!

  • bond

    Lose some weight first

  • http://fka200.com/ Sammy Ashouri

    He damn deserves it.

  • http://blog.andthensome.nl Alrayyes

    Piffel! Facebook’s value is HIGHLY overrated and seeing as it hasn’t been fully floated on the stockmarket yet or completely sold to another party this guy is not a billionaire…yet.

    If he can continue to jack up the price by convincing uncritical & unthinking “journalists” that facebook is worth billions & then selling it to yahoo/microsoft/whoever he could be on in the near future.

  • http://spudgadget.blogspot.com Spuds

    Why didn’t I think of Facebook first

  • Big Al

    I’m pretty sure you’re talking from your rear end and your parent’s basement (simultaneously -congrats, you’re multi-tasking!) and that’s why you’re not working for forbes and no one values your input (just like they prob don’t value mine either)

  • commercial guy


    You may not have, but your dog did. Remember? You two were walking…

  • skeptic

    Please…his company isn’t worth $15 billion, its was just overinflated so microsoft could have all the advertising revenue, he doesn’t own $1.5billion, just a percentage stake of an overinflated business. When facebook eventually bombs if he hasn’t cashed any of his stock and invested in other assets he will have nothing.

  • http://www.duno.com Daniel

    i agree. facebook is soooooo overrated…
    they just can take advantage of big companies fear to miss the market but its completely unfounded. rather lose a billion or 2 then be out of the game should it become really important. but its not

  • http://www.ekhichdi.com/actors-actress/oscar-awards-winners!/0/ Tina

    Wish to see him on Top 100 list of richest man on this planet and then marry me! LOL!


  • http://www.theschoolground.com Senior prank

    dangg, I have seen him interviewd tho, hes been in front of that screen for too long…..

  • http://www.afrodream.com afrodream

    I guess he has try his best and facebook is worth his effort. Just call a spade a spade & not any kind of a big spoon.

  • http://www.hellkom.co.za Telkom

    I’m not a facebook junkie at all, don’t even have a profile, but Mark deserves that cash, he’s enabled millions of people to connect again.. can’t put a price on that.

  • Blueletter

    I applaud honest wealth.

  • http://wordsaboutthings.wordpress.com Thomas

    the world’s youngest US billionaire? Doesn’t make much sense.

  • Dude

    If you bang him you very well could become the worlds youngest female billionaire.

  • http://www.catchmydate.com AJ

    Lucky champ

  • ike

    its hilarious how many people want to marry him now that hes a billionaire. forget the fact hes a complete ASS, stole the facebook idea from his friends, and left them in the dust with nothing. yeah, sounds like a great douche to marry. but it seems women don’t care about that, society has trained them to go straight to the money.
    get a life you shallow gold diggers. theres more to life than money and the day you figure that out you’ll be much happier.

  • heather

    he is single, right?

    …not for long…

  • Dan

    To all you ignorant assholes.

    “In March 2008, Forbes.com ranked Zuckerberg as #785 on its rich list, citing his net worth as $1.5 billion. The figure is based on a valuation of $5 billion, even though Microsoft’s $246 million investment suggests the company is worth $15 billion. Zuckerberg’s worth is derived from his 30% stake in the company based on a value of $5 billion. Analysts have questioned Forbes, citing the illiquidity of Zuckerberg’s wealth.”

    So it is based on his 30% of 5 billion you retards.

  • http://www.spiffylinks.com Dave Nofmeister

    Just when you think that the internet bubble totally went bust in 2001 do we get Google and Facebook.

    One has to admire his forethought in creating facebook, although I doubt he realized how big of a hit it would be.

  • swingman

    he looks gay

  • jerryinnc

    you can allways marry zuckerberg

  • http://www.poo.com wow


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  • Solida Sar

    Its wonderful to know that there are young innovators out there that take advantage of the technology that is released today on the internet and takes it to another step.

    I’m actually surprised that Facebook made him a billionaire. Thats just amazing as Facebook is really just how many years old.

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  • http://www.dwaynecharrington.com Dwayne Charrington

    He is a smart guy and smarts and innovation should definitely be rewarded. To all the gold diggers out there, you probably don’t stand a chance at all because you’re all ugly.

    - Dwayne Charrington.

  • Delicious

    Honest wealth? Are you kidding me? You need to read up on the controversy surrounding Zuckerberg a bit more. It’s very likely he stole ideas from two groups he went to school with. One of the groups actually hired him to write a social networking site. They gave him access to the website’s code (the one they were designing) and told him to get to work on it. As he works on it he starts to communicate with the group less and less. Then, magically, he creates Facebook a month later. Yeah, honest wealth.

  • http://www.sajalkayan.com/im-still-alive.html Sajal Kayan » Im still alive!

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  • http://www.ibrian.co.uk I, Brian

    I was going to say he’s one in a million – but obviously he’s now one in a billion. :)

  • http://aol LaTisha White

    How dose one persue a date with Mark Zuckerberg?

  • GreedSlayer

    There is no such thing as honest wealth. An honest man can prosper, but when you start getting into these eight, nine and ten figures of net worth….I’m sorry but there is a thumb on the scale somewhere, and quite probably worse.

  • http://www.shehusaleh.com shehu saleh

    how i wish i can be the African youngest billionaire. sajal is really lucky

  • chelsy cyprian

    guy i think you are favoured not lucky cos to me being lucky is an understatement but you ‘ve been exalted above all but don’t let it get into you make wise use of the opportunity know also that is a challenge to we young youths like you kudos. inspired to be like you soon

  • dace

    I congratulate you,Mark.I will see you at the top soon.

  • http://facebook tyler mila

    What a lucky bastard!!!! so, how do i acquire shares in his company? Lol

  • Adeyemo

    Mark I will tell you two things in case you by chance read this.
    1. Remember the Lord thy God in the days of thy youth.

    2. Cherish your family more than your work and computer. Marry a woman that loves you for no reason.

    Forever yours,
    King Tayo.

  • nouredine

    can all dis billionaire help us in africa we are realy suffering,i dat i made comment i am jobless& no accomodation,please help me here is my mail addr kolade_jo@yahoo.com,

  • Pearl

    Am I the only one wondering what will be the next BIG thing after facebook?…

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  • Tim

    Yes and besides I started a social networking site in the year 2000 – 3 years before facebook for 18-25 year old people called youngconnections.co.uk

    I ran out of money and my business partner thought it would never work so we dumped the project!!!

    Do you reckon Mark would feel bad for me and give me $1 million? Shall I email him? LOL

  • Lindsey

    Well yes he is a billionaire..his net worth for 2010 so far is 4.0 billion..and Facebook is definitely a billion dollar company…everyone has a Facebook pretty much!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/richardfobs Richard Fobs

    Facebook is indeed the most popular social networking site today, and as a result its creator become one of the most wealthiest person in the world today. But anyway, money isn’t everything, you can still live a contented life even if your not a billionaire for as long you have your family, friends and of course facebook is with you to cheer you up when you are down.

  • Met

    guy i think you are favoured not lucky cos to me being lucky is an understatement but you ‘ve been exalted above all but don’t let it get into you make wise use of the opportunity know also that is a challenge to we young youths like you kudos. inspired to be like you soon

  • just a person

    I hope that you Mark read this post.
    I just wanted to say that you are a good person. All these different men who have sued you or treated you poorly are nothing and should not define who you are. Only the one who was/is your friend may define part of your character. I wish you all the best in the future. My hope for you is to find an honest woman who is not after your money (be very careful women can be are very good at being dishonest). Always remember to have anyone in your life sign legal papers that they will not touch your money or any future plans this includes women and men alike but also any friendships or love interests. One thing I wonder about when someone has so much what do you do with all that money? What are your plans for the future? You have an amazing gift make sure you never stop using it. Do you go on Facebook?
    Just so you know I want nothing from you at all.
    I only wish you the very best that life has to offer, and to always protect yourself from others. Oh one more little piece of advice never trust your own so called lawyer. I personally learned this one the hard way.
    From a person who cares what happens to you but wants nothing in return.

  • ammortizzatore


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