Piwik the Google Analytics Killer!

February 20th, 2008 | by Sajal Kayan |

Just today Jan told me about Piwik. At first glance it looks quite neat and developer friendly. The idea seems to be to make an Open Source alternative to Google Analytics and the advantages seems to be many. Piwik is the new version of phpMyVisites and is supported by OpenAds (a very powerful Open Source Ad server)

Piwik like Google Analytics uses javascript to collect users data and is not dependent on the web servers access.log file, thus 100% eliminating the chances of any bad bot activity to be mistaken for a user. Piwik can also be hosted independently on a separate server or in my case a separate country.

My sites are hosted outside Thailand and a lot of the users come from Thailand. Thai ISPs for some strange reason diverts all international traffic thru their caching transparent proxy servers. This does screw up both my awstats data as well as Google Analytics reports. Would hosting piwik within Thailand would get me closest to the analytics I need?

Another advantage I see is since it is open source and API friendly, I can perhaps tweak it to show reffers from Google Search, Google News Search, Google Blog Search as separate search engines. And all of this in real time, not having to wait for Google to update the stats. Self hosted also keeps your visitors data secure and you dont have to live in the fear of a third party snooping on what you don’t want them to know.

Below are some sample graphs/charts from Piwik’s homepage.

  • Last 30 days visits
  • Browsers families – bar chart
  • Countries – pie chart

All graphs and stats generated by Piwik can be embedded into a web page or blog easily. The presentation is also pretty, gives me an idea to include it on my advertise page.

  • http://thecaptainsquarters.co.cc CaptainZM

    Kind of hard to judge the validity of your statements when your graphs didn’t even load.

  • http://www.sajalkayan.com Sajal Kayan

    @CaptainZM sorry to disappoint you that graphs embedded from a beta quality software on February 20th, 2008 is not working as off Aug 5, 2009 …

  • http://thecaptainsquarters.co.cc CaptainZM

    Whoops, totally missed the date of your article. Completely my bad.

  • http://web2mom.com Web analyst toronto

    Graphs don’t seem to be loading yet. I like piwik though but Google analytics are more reliable as google seems to be actively developing, supporting, branding and proliferating the product.

  • Clarkson

    Piwik is crap, just like this blog post with graphs that don’t load. Thanks for nothing.

  • http://www.onlineincomefloods.net Online Analytics

    Was looking for some decent info on Piwik, hoping you could still upload those images for further viewing.

  • http://www.video-security-solutions.eu Dallmeier

    I read the good article about Piwik. I installed the extension on my TYPO3-webspace. But the extension did not work like expected. The GUI looks good, but the TYPO3-implementation isn’t it. Or my knowledge about the installation steps :D

  • http://www.brot-und-wein.eu Wein Online-Shop

    I had the same problems. It looks nice and professional. But you will also need a big screen, because the backend-frame for the piwik-content is to small.

  • http://www.openwebanalytics.com Peter Adams

    You should also give Open Web Analytics (http://www.openwebanalytics.com) a look. It’s another free open source alternative to commercial web analytics solutions. It tracks site usage, campaigns, e-commerce, and conversion goals. It also delivers usability analytics with it’s funnel reports, click heatmaps, and mouse movement recording/playback.

  • http://www.seomoves.org SEO Moves

    Piwik is quickly becoming the default analytic tool for companies actively involved in search engine optimization. Offers privacy that you cannot get from the BIG G.

  • Adam Clarke

    Piwik is really a great tool.

  • http://www.yourforexdirectory.com John Spencer

    The cool thing about Piwik is obviously the fact that it removes the bad bot data which is something that can really ruin your analytics if you’ve got a lot of traffic coming to your site. John

  • Hahnefeld

    Most important thing is, that Piwik-data does not left your system. Google analytics is also ok, but I think, google should not get so much information about your users ans your server.

  • http://www.semlerresearch.com Bioequivalence

    I agree this one.. Piwik is beat analytical tool.. We ca analyse easily through this tool.. 

  • http://www.jenesysgroup.com/ Digital Marketing Agencies

    I think we readers missed something useful in your blog. Kindly upload the graph after evaluating the flash settings and give us the comparison you carried out.

  • http://www.performanceengineering.com/ gas hot water

    PIWIK can be hosted on our server and we have full control of its usage and plug ins to be installed. it is easy to setup.If needed we can also prepare advanced reports by sending manual queries to the database.

  • http://www.performanceengineering.com/ gas hot water heaters

    PIWIK is capable of recording the activities on the site once the script is installed at the bottom of your website. It is easy to set up and powerful to monitor.

  • http://aliign.com/what-we-offer/outsourced-bookkeeping/ Johnnixon84

    The Piwik features are similar to google analysitcs but the way of presentation is different. It is good actually.

  • http://aliign.com/what-we-offer/outsourced-bookkeeping/ Indiana accounting bookkeeping

    People like Google Analyitcs as started using and practicing it for a long. This Piwik just comes through but have many features.  The data collected presenting well and the summation is excellent.

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  • Anonymous

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