BarCampBangkok winter 2008 a HUGE success!

Last Saturday was BarCampBangkok. It was the first BarCamp in Thailand and was hosted at Indus Restaurant. BannerThe day was January 26th and co-incided with India's 59th Republic Day and an education exhibition at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. was the Web Partner for the education exhibition and we had 2 booths there, thus my presence there especially during the opening ceremony was important. After the opening of the exhibition and getting someone to cover for me, at about 11am I headed to BarCamp. As soon as i stepped into the garden I was amazed to see so many happy campers. Registered and got my tag. In case anyone is wondering my tags were "Drupal, SEO, SEM and monetizing". Most of my time there I spend interacting with some of the other campers. Did an occasional errand or two. jfxberns : successfully converted me...When I entered most of the presentations were either topics I am not interested in or were in Thai language. The ones I was interested in were scheduled after lunch. I was thinking about talking about my journey from Joomla to Drupal, but I had no time(or energy) to prepare anything. After the delicious lunch, I attended jfxbern's presentation on Drupal App Development with CCK and Views. Unfortunately mid-way during the session his Firefox crashed (it was running on Windoze after all!). The good side was I won a cool Google shirt. At about 3pm, I left back for Queen Sirikit National Convention center to attend to my booth and take some more pics of the exhibition.Joined back for the afterparty at about 6:30pm. The after-party was fun, so many campers in a nice lil place on Sukhumvit Soi 33/1. Here I was one of the last few people standing.. Next day woke up at 8am to attend to my booths. BarCampBangkok 2.0 is most likely to be BeachCamp, really looking forward to it. Perhaps use a long weekend and extend it into a 2/3 day event.
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