Facebook.com banned in Thailand?

Since the past few hours, it appears to me that True ISP of Thailand is trying to block one of the most popular socual networking site Facebook. The situation is not as serious as the title makes it sound.... but what the he_l it would be reality when someone at the ministry logs into it for the first time.... On attempting to open any page within facebook we get the friendly message which looks very much like it is generated from True's stupid transparent proxy. Just now my staff called True and guess what? The true helpdesk simply asked us to use their proxy in the settings. Proxy server : proxy.asianet.co.th Port : 8080 So does changing from transparent to an explicit proxy mean we are going from the frying pan into the fire? Long live 'ssh -D' Now, didn't some lawmaker dude say that its illegal to connect via proxies or sumthin?
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