Google dance day today - How has been the response for you?

Today I noticed an update in the pageranks of my websites. Most pages going up 1 or 2 ranks. However one news sub-site that I launched on mid-November went up from 0 to 5 at a go! It was 0 till 11th but on 12th January morning (Thai time) I was shocked to see it at 5. At first I thought it must be some bur or connectivity issue. I restarted my network connection, then my router. then firefox then even my computer.. heck even pinched myself, still pagerank 5. Even called up a couple of friends to check the PR on their toolbars, all confirming it. This looks good for me. Ive never walked the extra mile getting backlinks, never paid for any links, never employed any SEO consultant. Just shows that with a little bit of common sense and white hat SEO you can rank well. You don't need any black magic, only common sense and pray to Google daily! Black Hat is evil. Dont do it. Black Hat is like cheating your God. God knows everything! Lastly, Happy Google Dance Day to you all!
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