IIFA in Bangkok?

w00t w00t w00t!!!! Got some inside scoop today that there is a high probability of IIFA awards for 2008 would be held in Bangkok. This is great news for us Indians in Bangkok.... For the uninnitiated,
The awards of the International Indian Film Academy (commonly known as the IIFA Awards) is a prestigious award ceremony, honouring Hindi movies (Bollywood) around the world. In the past, IIFA awards have been hosted at Yorkshire, Dubai, Amsterdam, Singapore, Johannesburg, Genting Highlands, Sun City and London.
Ive even started fantasizing which stars im gonna see, who can i meet, and most importantly who can I photograph. This event is bigger than me taking photos. It is great for many things... 1) Tourism. : India is now a significant market for the Thai tourism industry. With all the stars and the media in Thailand, it would be a major boost for the Thai tourism sector. Just imagine how many people would be traveling on their own expense from India and nearby South East Asian countries. 2) A nice opportunity for the Thais to know more about Bollywood movies. Its not just boys and girls running around trees anymore. There is more to it... 3) Diplomacy? : This event would bring Thais and Indians closer together... perhaps finally seal the FTA deal which has been forever under negotiation. Many more reasons which cant come to my mind right now due to the excitement of the possibility of IIFA being hosted at Bangkok.
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