Leading Thai Undergarment company threatnes the press

I run a news.google.com published website. Recently we ran a story titled "5000 undergarment workers storm Government House". The source of this story is National News Bureau, Public Relations Department of Thailand (Who has now pulled off the story). The story on my site was published at August 5th, 2008 - 2:59 pm (Thai Time). At about 8:30 pm (too late to expect anyone working), I get a call on my landline *allegedly* from the PR company who takes care of the PR for "Triumph International (Thailand)", the company the news story is about. I am really a dumb ass for not making a note of her name or the name of the company she works for. She demanded I pull off the story as it is incorrect. They have made my source (and even their source) do the same. She said that the figures and facts were incorrect. I politely asked for the correct information, but she insisted I remove the story. I tried explaining to her that simply deleting pages which exist in many places in my link structure is harmful for my site. I told her ill comply to her request by morning as all my staff have left work. At this point I thought all was well, when all of a sudden she brought out a point that this is story is wrong and that there can be legal action taken against us. WTF!!! I said ill comply why you wanna talk about legal action? At this point the story is still active on the site for the following reasons.
  1. For all we know the the call was not from someone authentic. Someone was fooling with me.
  2. I haven't received any request or threat in writing.
  3. The request came in too late, beyond our office timing (9am to 5pm)
  4. We have not received any press release or press statement from the company.  Even their pressroom doesn't have Thailand in the list.
Friendly tip : If you want to damage reputation of your competitor, call up all media outlets you can think of, pretend to be the competitor, and give them legal threats. Make sure to leave no paper trail. Would love to see your opinions via the comments. I believe this is not an issue to be taken lightly. Should i suck up to the TPTB? Edit1 : The original story is also published here. Edit2: Very interesting discussions at the Bangkok Bugle
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