Messing with ROR

Last few weeks I have beed gazing over Django and Ruby On Rails web frameworks. Spent some time with both, read numerous ROR vs Django posts. Even attended Django 1.0 launch party in Bangkok, to give the Django fanboys a chance to convince me into Django... I did look into both frameworks and have decided upon ROR for the following reasons.
  1. I love the Ruby language syntax. Looks neater and less confusing.
  2. I have done some perl hacking last few months, shift to Ruby was easy.
  3. Loads of gems available to do cool stuff.
  4. When I first looked at Ruby, I started picking it up without much problems, however Python confuses my head.
  5. I don't know a lot of SQL... need framework to do everything for me.
  6. Got free tech support which is called @luke_bkk
  7. See point 1
The thing is even if i outsource the development, the code needs to be in something which I am personally comfortable with. I am not a software development company, but in my line of work (online publishing), we regularly need to mess with stuff, tweak things, add features, thus the control needs to be there with us. Thats what differentiates us from the bulk. If you don't test and innovate few things, your website would suck like the online version of an English Newspaper in Thailand. So about an hour into development, here is screenshot of my accomplishment so far. It displays a list of stories in a blog format. ROR screenshot If my project starts looking good I might consider GPLizing it... but thats a rare possibility... the main reason im making it is to have fun and get a command over whatever my site runs on. Edit 1 : Added point 6 ...
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