Open letter to Thailand's Software Bullies

Kind attn : Microsoft Thailand (Sorry I cant read your Thai only website) Kind attn : Lenovo Thailand (Sorry cant find name of contact on your site) Kind attn : Prasert Charoonpaisal - General Manager - Personal Systems Group (PSG) - HP Thailand Kind attn : Corporate Communications Dept. - Sony Thai Co., Ltd. Kind attn : Asus Thailand (Sorry I cant read your Thai only website) Kind attn : Acer Head Office - Acer Computer Co., Ltd. Kind attn : Benq Thailand (Sorry I cant read your Thai only website) Dear Sirs or Madams, This is to bring to your notice that almost all notebooks available in Thailand come bundled with windows preloaded. I had purchased a Sony VAIO 3 or 4 years ago which came bundled with Windows XP. Due to quality problems in the software provided, I had to switch over to a different Operating System. I have no claims on the licensing fee of the inferior software provided to me as during the time of purchase I had intended to use it, and I did for quite a while. Now, the time has come for me to purchase a new notebook. A self conducted study at fortune town on June 20th 2008 reviled that almost all notebooks came with Windows pre-installed and the license bundled. On asking any of the vendors that I don't want to pay for the license, I was informed it is impossible. The very limited selection of notebooks which do come without Windows pre-installed are bottom of the line models which are usually outdated or very heavy. My questions to all of the addresses :-
  1. Do you assume a non-windows user to not be able to afford your mid-segment notebooks?
  2. Is your intention to force Linux users into buying a Windows license?
  3. Is this an effort to form a cartel against Linux?
Question to all the notebook vendors :-
  1. Do you refund any difference amount in case the buyer does not use the license?
Question to Lenovo :-
  1. Lenovo USA does offer an interesting range of notebooks without Windows. Does Lenovo Thailand do the same?
Question to Microsoft :-
  1. Do you refund any unused windows License?
  2. I am aware of the software piracy issues in Thailand, but have you ever conducted a study as to how many non-windows users own a windows license? Do you reduce this number when publishing piracy rates?
Please respond, via comment form below in English only. The replies would help me decide weather or not to get a new notebook here in Thailand or order it in the States or Singapore, potentially making the Thai Government suffer a loss of tax revenue. PS : Apologies to other companies who fit my criteria and I missed them out! They are also free to respond. Regards, Sajal Kayan Update 1 : Thanks to @bact for translating to Thai and publishing on blognone. Update 2 : Online discussions at blognone and ubuntuclub.
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