== big FAIL for usability

Today I got myself a true wifi package for 500 Baht/month. Its quite nice as our new office doesn't have a fixed line yet... and true wifi's signal reaches here.... I logged in to today to change my password, and found that everything is in Thai, that's not bad as Thai people prefer reading in Thai. I looked around, couldn't find a language switch until i found this in the top right corner. true wifi (click image above for full screen shot) Guessed it was for language switching based on the words in the url... Im sure an average English speaking internet user wouldn't be able to figure this out. My question to True is Why have an English version when only the Thai readers would be able to access it? or does True want to show the English version only to the Thai readers to show off. They didnt think anyone would actually need to use it. The good part is they don't have any blinking things on it yet.
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