Twitter logged me as someone else! Privacy FAIL!

A while ago, clicking on the "tweet" button of a funny FAIL in Google Reader gave me the scare of my life. First reaction: How did my twitter theme change? Second reaction: When did i start tweeting/reading in Thai? Third reaction: When did I change into a pretty girl? I was logged in as someone else! Thats probably what brain transplant(when possible) would feel like... In other words, the transparent proxy at True simply fucked up... can't do anything about it. There is probably someone else in Thailand having the time of his/her life browsing into my account and poking into my disgusting life... So, the solution for me would be to use a secure tunnel bypassing True's evil session hijacking transparent proxy all together.. Which is kinda illegal I've been told... and also who will protect me from all the porn(and evil propaganda) on the interwebs ;) @kiqq_3112 : Ive tried to censor sensitive stuff from the screenshots, if you are offended by anything, give me a shout out ill remove it. Just wanted to show how serious is this issue. Click on the images to see full size full page... (Private tweets were censored) 1) Woah I'm not me I'm her?!?!?! Twitter security FAIL 2) I can tweet as her!! (Note: I didn't actually click the tweet button) Twitter security FAIL 3) Spy on DMs! Twitter security FAIL 4) Replies Page.. Twitter security FAIL 5) Change settings.. Twitter security FAIL 6) Change password!!!! Twitter security FAIL Download all images Disclaimer: I haven't broken into anyone else's account, I don't do such things. My photoshop skills are not good enough to be able to fake these. Moreover I don't even own a copy of photoshop.
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