Web Speed Consulting Services

Note: I am currently not doing any consultancy. This page is here as an archive.

I’m available for hire as a Web Performance Consultant to help you make your pages faster.

If you are still not convinced that your website needs to be faster, this Cheat Sheet is a recommended reading.

I can do both, recommendation and implementation. For the later I may bring in one of my partners along.

I offer 3 levels of services :-

Level 1: First Steps: Giving general speed recommendations based on the customer’s website. These would be your essential first steps at a faster website.

Level 2: Advanced Recommendations : These would be speed tips based on various factors: The website platform; understanding the user distribution; etc. Much more in-depth analysis based on a case-by-case basis.

Level 3: Build and deploy : This would be working with customer’s existing team of developers and designers to integrate various performance steps into the deployment/production systems. This would be to implement steps for building faster websites without getting in the way of regular development.

To talk about your current website issues, shoot me an email to sajal at thaindian dot com.