Me won Google schwag!

On last week's Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz, Barry Schwartz of said he would is expecting schwag from a few companies, and he ran a video contest. The contest was to predict which companies schwag would arrive first. The correct entries would get the schwag as a prize. Here was my answer.
great show. for the quiz id say its Google! i dont want others schwag :)
Now, I would get the schwag only if Google's schwag came first and and it did. I already have one Google Shirt which i won answering an easier question at Barcamp Bangkok. Now this would be my second. Google schwag is not so common in this part of the world where we don't have many webmaster conferences or events. This weeks Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz (Winners names at the end) :- Barry pronounced my name almost right. Impressive for someone who hasnt heard the name before... Thanks a lot Barry Schwartz and Google, both of you rock!
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