SEOs Dance with Google - Tuesday 26th Feburary 2008

Yesterday was Google Dance day and the SEOs are perhaps still dancing today (Tuesday in US). Some say that page rank is useless, but i tend to believe it has some relevance. At least it is an indicative of the link authority of the site. First noticed it yesterday evening(early a.m. in US) when BarCampBangkok homepage showed pagerank 4. This was a direct jump from no rank. This is the result of loads of Bangkok based Geeks linking to BarCampBangkok from their blogs and sites. I too am guilty of providing a site wide link :) Another surprising change I noticed was our travel portal. Until yesterday, it had no page rank. The site has had site wide links from my other sites. Until a month ago all it had on it was meaningless Lipsum, I've been adding content to it only since 5 weeks ago and it is a slow and painful process. But the bottom line is site wide links from 2 domains can get a site's homepage to page rank 5? Pagerank updates may not have finished, the results mentioned here may change. In the last Google Dance my news site also jumped from 0 to 5. Thank you Google.
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