4 reasons why I love my ISP

I've been using True ADSL for years, and I absolutely love their service (and especially the transparent proxy). Here are some of the reasons why :-

Censorship Protecting me from bad stuff - Interwebs has a lot of "bad" things out there. My ISP takes good care of me by not letting me access things I am not supposed to see... Even sites not explicitly blocked by court-order. I don't know what I would do without them. My head would probably explode if I saw porn, and my feelings would get hurt if I came across certain types of political messages..

Transparent proxy Web slow down machine - Buddha teaches us "The greatest prayer is patience". A very special offering of True ISP is that it reminds us to be patient in this fast-paced world. True's Web slow down machine sits between users' connection to other servers. One of its features is to slow down access... It employs several brilliant methods to accomplish this :-

Privacy People impersonator - Your life is boring? True has a solution! It will automagically log you in as someone else so you can get a glimpse into their exciting lives.

Incompetence Motivator - Living in Thailand, I am ashamed that I don't read Thai yet, in part due to my own laziness. True gives you an incentive.

edited by Michael van Poppel
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