Im still alive!

As some of you may have noticed (or not!) I haven't updated my blog in the last 11 days... Maybe someone gets the wrong idea that I was kidnapped by some M$ goons and brainwashed or something. This post simple proves that I am still here and here to stay! Just some of my projects are taking a lot of my time. I have the following planned out for my blog.
  1. Pic - An effective tool designed specifically to clean Windoze xp. - Done
  2. Analysis of the digg effect. Few days ago a post on my blog got dugg to digg homepage.
  3. A continuation of the SEO series. Thinking of something on image optimization for news sites, what i learnt the hard way and its benefits.
  4. A continuation of my series on comparing Joomla and Drupal
  5. Post an update on IIFA in Bangkok after a meeting this Friday(tomorrow) with source.
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